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L-Ornithine 500mg 60 Veggie Caps Zoom

Swanson L-Ornithine 500mg 60 Veggie Caps

Code: SW1238

Quantity of Capsules: 60

Dosage: 500mg

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Pill Type: Veggie Capsules

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Product Review:

'I feel more energetic and stronger after taking L-ornithine supplement. It definitely gives me an edge in the gym. I work hard and play hard, so I like that it helps detox my liver too'- by Ian G., Singapore

Product Description:

L-Ornithine is a non-essential amino acid, which the body can produce on its own from L-arginine. It plays a vital role in the process of detoxification. Swanson L-Ornithine is manufactured under stringent conditions to ensure highest quality and purity. It is freshly manufactured using pharmaceutical grade ingredients so that you get the best from our products!

- Naturally occuring amino acid that boosts muscle growth

- May increase levels of growth hormones

- Helps detoxify the liver and rid the body of excess ammonia

- Fights fatigue

Learn More:

L-Ornithine is a type of basic amino acid that is helpful in the formation of urea. It is considered a 'non-protein' amino acid as it is not a direct constituent of protein structure.

L-Ornithine is thought to be key when ammonia levels become high due to excessive cardio exercises or clinical liver conditions. It is involved in the production of urea, the by-product of protein metabolism used for eliminating toxins like nitrogen and ammonia from the body.

This potent amino acid stimulates the production of growth hormone GH, an important hormone that regulates normal growth and development in children. In adults, this vital hormone plays a role in regulating metabolism, energy levels, fat muscle ratio etc. It is a precursor of several other amino acids like citrulline, proline, and glutamic acid, which boost energy and performance.

 L-ornithine is known to effective in treating cirrhosis of liver and preventing its complications. This amino acid detoxifies the liver, and in turn reduces the work load of the liver. Research has shown that ornithine promotes healing and tissue repair. Clinical studies are still going on to find the exact mechanism by which this non essential amino acid hastens the healing process.

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, it is most effective when taken with L-arginine

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    L-Ornithine 500mg 60 Caps

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