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TMG (TriMethylGlycine) 500 mg Zoom

Swanson TMG (TriMethylGlycine) 500 mg

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Swanson Ultra TMG (TriMethylGlycine)

"I'm an elite athlete and sports medicine practitioner. I have been taking this Swanson supplement to help boost my glutathione levels. I take it together with l-cysteine. The TMG helps my body to metabolize the cysteine into Glutathione, and then it keeps the levels stable by recycling the glutathione. The guys at Vitadeals are great - their prices are unbeatable and they really know their stuff"- by Mok, Singapore

Product Description:
Swanson Ultra TMG supports your heart and liver health by neutralizing the harmful effects of toxic amino acid homocysteine. Elevated homocysteine levels have been associated with many liver and cardiovascular complications, as well as causing inflammation. TMG boosts glutathione levels and stops the body from breaking down the glutathione by recycling it. Each capsule of Swanson TMG delivers 500 mg of trymethylglycine.

- Boosts glutathione levels
- Good heart and artery health support
- Supports liver health
- Detoxifies your body
- Boosts athletic performance, endurance and recovery
- Helps reduce inflammation

Learn More:
Also known as betaine anhydrous, TMG is naturally produced in the body. The main function of TMG is to break down homocysteine, which is harmful for liver and heart. Our body has a natural process of eliminating homocysteine with naturally-produced TMG. However, in certain conditions, our body is unable to dispose off homcysteine, thereby resulting in its accumulation. Accumulated homocysteine levels can lead to various liver and heart related problems.

Supplementing your body with external TMG lowers homocysteine levels and reduces the risk of diseases. TMG also prevents accumulation of fat cells in the liver, thus improving liver function. According to a study published in 'Digestive Diseases and Sciences' in November 2013, it was concluded that betaine protects against the accumulation of fat in the liver.

TMG or TriMethylGlycine also offers good support for kidneys. It aids in metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. It works as an organic osmolyte at cellular levels to support all the biochemical reactions, and maintains the correct level of hydration in the body's cells. Hence, healthy TMG levels keeps you energetic and active.

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