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Fucoidan Extract 500mg - 60 Veggie Caps Zoom

Swanson Fucoidan Extract 500mg - 60 Veggie Caps

Code: SWR085

Quantity of Capsules: 60

Dosage: 500mg

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Pill Type: Veggie Caps

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Product Review:

"Amazing product. The more I read about Fucoidan, the more I want to share with friends that they really should be taking this daily, to ward off chronic diseases"- by K Shian, Singapore

Product Description:

Fucoidan, a natural component of a species of brown seaweed, has anti-cancer activity against various cancer types by targeting key apoptotic molecules. It also has beneficial effects, as it can protect against toxicity associated with chemotherapeutic agents and radiation. Thus the synergistic effect of fucoidan with current anti-cancer agents is of considerable interest.  Swanson brings you a marine gift for a healthy and long life. Fucoidan has been used by Japanese people for centuries to improve their immunity and stay healthy and fit. Sicentists first "discovered" the benefits of Fucoidan when investigating the amazing long life spans and tremendous vitality levels of the people of Okinawa. The multitude of research papers are proof of the beneficial effects of this wonder seaweed ingredient. Swanson Fucoidan is a highly concentrated extract that consists of 40% total polysaccharides and 5% seaweed phenolics. Manufactured from genuine extract, Swanson Fucoidan is pure and natural.


- Highly concentrated extract from Japanese live brown seaweed

- Beleived to target cancer cells and support successful chemotherapy

- Powerful immune booster

- Reduces inflammation

- Supports cardiovascular health

 Learn More:

In recent years, scientific interest has intensified around fucoidan, a vital ingredient found in edible brown seaweeds native to the Japanese diet. Studies have found that this little known molecule can offer numerous potential health benefits. Fucoidans are starch-like molecules that have unique complicated structure and high sulfur content.

 One of the main benefits of fucoidan is in lung cancer. According to a tissue study published in 2012 issue of the journal "PLos One", focoidan may help in preventing the metastasis of lung cancer. According to a study mentioned in 'Journal of Nutrition", it has been found that breast cancer and other hormone related disorders are less commonly found in Asian women. This can be attributed to consumption of kelp and brown seaweed that are high source of fucoidan. Hence, research conclude that these supplements can modulate immune system and prevent some forms of cancer.

 Fucoidan is also known to possess anti-inflammatory properties that make it useful in various joint related conditions like osteoarthritis.It also consists of anticoagulant and antithrombotic properties that bring valuable cardiovascular benefits.

Product Description


    Fucoidan Extract 500mg 60 Veggie Caps


    Fucoidan Extract 60 Veggie Caps

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