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Swanson Sea Cucumber 500Mg 100 Capsules

Code: SW875

Quantity of Capsules: 100

Dosage: 500 MG

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Pill Type: Capsules

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“It is good for my joints and lets me have a pain free smooth joint functioning. I am glad to have discovered such a good product which has been used by ancient Chinese people for ages. I would definitely recommend it to my .”

- Product review by ChanHeng, Singapore

  • Contains organic chondroitin, which improves joint pain

  • Believed to help prevent cancer

  • Prevents blood clots 

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties

Sea cucumber is an organism found in the sea that has been used as a nutrient rich source of food by Chinese people for centuries. It contains unique substances which are not found in our regular diet. They have some amazing properties which keep your joints supple and pain free, prevent cancers and improve wound healing.

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Anti cancer properties

Sea cucumber extracts have gained popularity as a cancer preventive and treatment agent in the recent past. Their unique components like triterpene glycoside and philinopside are found to have anti-tumour activity.  They inhibit the blood supply to the tumours and suppress the growth and proliferation of tumours in your body. The major fatty acids in sea cucumber may also inhibit cancerous transformation of epithelial cells. Cancer types that have been studied include breast, pancreatic, colonic, lung and many more are being investigated.

Other uses

Sea cucumbers have been in use as a potent anti inflammatory agent helping to curb pain in chronic diseases such as arthritis. Compounds such as mucopolysaccharides, glucosamine and chondroitin can help your arthritic conditions. These compounds reduce prostaglandins which is the cause for pain in most diseases. Chondroitin sulphate is also a major component of joint cartilages. Therefore it can supply essential nutrients for your joints and make the joint function smooth.

Wound healing ability and soft tissue repair has found to be improved with sea cucumber supplements. Therefore your injured body tissues can regenerate faster because of ingredients like arachidonic acid and certain fatty acids present in sea cucumber. They also have immune modulatory properties and have increased resistance against bacterial infections. There is also evidence that sea cucumber has antiviral activity against common cold causing viruses due to a compound called NGNA.

Sea cucumber has vast range of therapeutic value. Its benefits are still under research and scientists are coming up with new medications based on sea cucumber. It is safe in most people but caution is advised in people taking blood thinning medication because sea cucumber can itself has anti thrombotic properties (prevents blood clotting).






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