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Acidophilus 250 Capsules (Note: please refrigerate when possible) Zoom

Swanson Acidophilus 250 Capsules (Note: please refrigerate when possible)

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Customer review

"I have tried many different varieties of acidophilus and I find this one the most beneficial. No more smelly farts!" ~product review by RahmanS, Singapore

Product Description

Swanson Acidophilus features Lactobacillus acidophilus to help promote healthy digestion and maintain a healthy balance of microflora. A great way to replenish your body's levels of these health-promoting allies, each capsule delivers one billion viable organisms at time of manufacture. Hence, Acidophilus effectively improve overall digestion and gut health.

Other important and key features of Acidophilus include:

- Friendly bacteria that help digest your food and keep your gastrointestinal tract in good health
- Aids digestion and helps maintain a healthy balance of microflora
- Relieves symptoms of diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome

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Good health depends on body’s ability in absorbing essential nutrients and eliminating toxic substances. This is highly influenced by the gut health where digestion and elimination take place the most.

Acidophilus could effectively promote digestive benefits where studies have proven it is promising in enhancing digestion, at the same time, effective in relieving symptoms of chronic digestive disorder, such as diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and leaky gut syndrome. As Acidophilus possess antibacterial and anti-fungal capabilities, it could effectively maintain balance of friendly intestinal microflora, hence supporting digestion and waste elimination processes.

This is especially important as the intestinal microflora is highly influenced by environmental factors, such as diet and lifestyle. Under harmful effects, it could adversely damage or even destroy the balance of probiotic bacteria in human gut. Thus, resulting in imbalance between the friendly intestinal microflora and harmful pathogens, hence leads to disrupted digestive processes. Additionally, Acidophilus also helps to promote absorption of essential nutrients, including calcium, copper, iron and magnesium where all these are crucial for maintenance of homeostasis and metabolism. 

Product Description


    Made in the USA


    Swanson Health Products was established in 1969, and is now America's 5th largest supplement company. With over 500 employees, it is regarded even by its competitors as being at the forefront of health supplement research and development. Swanson manufactures exclusively in the USA for many of the famous brand names sold all over the world, as well as under its own label. We are proud to be the first to bring Swanson's superior quality products to Singapore
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