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For Men

The misconception is that if you eat a balanced diet, you would be provided with the necessary amount of daily vitamin intake. Such complacency could cost you your health. There is always room for improvement, more so for Vitamin D and Zinc when it comes to men, making it vital to include men's multivitamins in your diet.

Vitadeals offers a range of vitamins for men in Singapore. Different vitamins work for different stages of a man's life. It is important to supplement your nutritional intake to maintain overall good health. A multivitamin helps you do just that, even though your busy schedule means you might take irregular meals.

Men require lesser iron in general. However, men's multivitamins contains more of the mineral selenium and vitamin E which helps to prevent prostate issues. Also, those above 60 years of age require more of the vitamin B12, and vitamin D which is protects from hip trouble.

It is important to take note that you should not totally rely on multivitamins for nutritional support. Multivitamins are recommended only as a supplement and not as a substitution for a healthy, balanced diet.