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Swanson St. John's Wort

Code: SW1353

Quantity of Capsules: 120

Dosage: 375 mg

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‘Swanson St. Johns Wort helped me a lot during my menopause phase.  It not just helped in dealing with physical symptoms but also improved my  emotional wellness’- product review by Maggie, Singapore

Product Description:

Swanson St Johns Wort is a traditional remedy for mood swings, depression and mental calmness. It  promotes overall mental and physical well-being, and provides mental support during pre-menstrual syndrome, perimenopausal phase or hormonal imbalances.

Important: St Johns Wort may interact with other drugs, including oral contraceptives and warfarin. If you are on any medication, seek medical advice before taking this.

More Information:

"Saint Johns Wort" is a meadowland plant that’s been used for its medicinal benefits for centuries. It’s scientific name is Hypericum Perforatum. Saint John’s Wort is also known as Klamath weed. It is native to Europe, but is also found in parts of US and Canada.

 It helps in relieving anxiety, menopausal syndrome, nervous tension, bedwetting in children and shingles.

"Saint John’s Wort" is known for its anti-depressant and sedative properties. Historically, it was also used for healing wounds and  injuries. The plant was traditionally cut when it flowered, and was chopped and stored in jars along with vegetable oil. The oil used to turn red over a period of time. It was used as a healing solution for bruises, burns, injuries, tennis elbow, sprains, sciatica and post-surgery dressing.  The topical usage of this herb is believed to be effective in management of hemorrhoids.

As an anti-depressant, it is usually effective in case of mild depression with lesser side effects as compared to the standard anti-depressants. In several studies conducted with Saint John’s wort, it has been identified that it decreases and delays the re-absorption of anti-depressant neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine by nerve cells. Once the message has been delivered, these neurotransmitters are reabsorbed by the cells that released them. Chemicals in Saint John’s wort delay or decrease this re-absorption, making these anti-depressant neurotransmitters available for body to utilize for longer time.  

Saint John’s wort is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and it is also beneficial for treating conditions such as stomach inflammation and insomnia.

Product Description


    Made in the USA
    Swanson Health Products was established in 1969, and is now America's 5th largest supplement company. With over 500 employees, it is regarded even by its competitors as being at the forefront of health supplement research and development. Swanson manufactures exclusively in the USA for many of the famous brand names sold all over the world, as well as under its own label. We are proud to be the first to bring Swanson's superior quality products to Singapore
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