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L-Glutamine Powder 454 grams (Note: please refrigerate when possible) Zoom

Doctor's Best L-Glutamine Powder 454 grams (Note: please refrigerate when possible)

Code: CGN1060

Quantity of Capsules: 454g

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Pill Type: Powder

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"This is great value! I take this daily so I'm going to save a small fortune. So glad I found this website"- by Jimmy T, Singapore

Product Description:
Add California Gold L-Glutamine supplement to your pre-workout diet routine and get the best results. Glutamine is a semi-essential amino acid that provides the right amount of nutritional balance required by regular gym goers. This supplement is for anyone who is engaged in long term gym training routine. A must-have supplement whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a serious weight lifter.

- Workout fuel for your gym training session
- Promotes stamina and endurance, improves recovery
- Promotes mental clarity and sharpness
- Boosts glutathione levels
- Boosts immune system

Learn More:

Glutamine or L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in our body. This vital amino acid is one of the building blocks of proteins and vital for repair processes. It helps with digestion, healthy brain function and improved muscle mass.

Glutamine is a vital nutrient for athletes and body builders. It improves stamina and energy levels, minimizes muscle breakdown and promotes faster repair of worn out cells. It allows you to endure longer workouts and get best gym results in short time.

It is also an effective brain health supplement for "foggy brain". It energizes your brain cells, and promotes focus and concentration. It crosses the brain blood barrier and transports nitrogen to the brain.

One of the most important benefits of L-glutamine is enhanced immune mechanism that helps you ward off colds, cough and other illnesses. Rigorous workouts result in damage of muscle cells, thus lowering your immune system due to the physical trauma present in the body. Therefore, weight lifters, athletes and body builders should consume glutamine supplements to speed up the recovery process and boost their immune system. Some studies have found the beneficial effects of glutamine in treatment of injuries, burns and trauma.

L-glutamine helps regulate the blood sugar levels, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes and weight gain. It also play a role in immune function, wound healing, brain function and digestive ailments.

Some studies have found its role in weight loss. Glutamine stimulates the synthesis of human growth hormone that boosts metabolic rate, and in turn accelerates the fat burning process.

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