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100% Natural Aged Japanese Black Garlic Zoom

Swanson 100% Natural Aged Japanese Black Garlic

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Swanson 100% Natural Japanese Aged Black Garlic

'Amazing product! It really helped my Psoriasis (red scally patches on skin). I'm much more confident now. I was paying a fortune for this in the supermarkets, and this is more convnenient, as it's in capsule form and has no odour.'- product review by Glenda W, Singapore

 Product Description:

      • - Naturally aged and fermented Japanese black garlic
      • - Reduces Cholesterol and improves circulation
      • - Relieves skin problems
      • - Anti-microbial and antifungal
      • - Boosts immunes sytem
      • - More concentrated goodness than fresh garlic, without the odour
      • - Powerful antioxidant to help fight chronic diseases

If you think eating black is in vogue, may be you are right. This Japanese aged black garlic is the latest newbie to join the healthcare product industry. Swanson brings you genuine and pure extract of natural Japanese aged black garlic that contains ten times more polyphenols than the raw garlic. This anti-oxidant loaded supplement offers a water-soluble form of allicin that is easily absorbed by the body.

Learn More:

Black garlic is a type of garlic that is prepared by the process of fermentation of whole bulbs of garlic. This enzymatic fermentation is also referred as aging process. It has a sweet, caramelized flavor and resembles that of balsamic vinegar. It contains health promoting properties that are extremely beneficial for physical and mental wellness. Recent studies by Japanese scientists have shown that the chemicals present in black garlic bulb can improve physical strength and reduce fatigue and tiredness.

Studies have shown its positive effects on immune system and heart health. Due to high level of antioxidants, it also works as an immunomodulator. These antioxidants and polyphenols fight free radicals and reduce the risk of chronic illnesses. According to a study, balck garlic prevents aggregation of thrombocytes (which is caused by various organic triggers). Aggregated thrombocytes increase the risk of capillary blockage and thrombosis. Hence, regular intake of black garlic supplements prevent thrombosis and promotes good heart health.

Also, black garlic has TEAC (Trolox-equivalence antioxidant assay) of 59 as compared to 13 micromol/g of fresh garlic. This means, black garlic is much more potent than the fresh one with respect to its antioxidant quantity.  

Aged garlic extract reduces frequent cold attacks and other infectious illnesses. It also accelerates the process of glucose utilization, which makes it useful in high blood sugar and diabetes. It also reduces cravings for sugar or carbs, and thereby aids in weight loss.

Rich in all these qualities, black garlic is a must have supplement in today's diet.


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    Black Garlic

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