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Swanson Cholesterol Essentials 120 Tablets

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' I have been taking Swanson’s Cholesterol Essentials since one of my golfing buddies introduced it to me 2 years ago.  My cholesterol levels are in the ideal range, despite my age and my lifestyle (I love hawker food!).  I go for regular checkups, always  fearing the worst, but my doctor always gives me a gold star! It’s very reasonably priced, like everything on the Vitadeals website. I also get my CoQ10 and Saw Palmetto from them. I save a fortune compared to the pharmacies prices!' product review by George, Singapore


Product Description:

Dreading seeing your cholesterol levels on a higher range? Try Swanson Cholesterol Essentials. Swanson brings you Cholesterol Essentials to keep your heart healthy and fit. This condition-specific formula combines twenty potent ingredients that promote healthy lipid levels. The complete formula contains nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin B complex, and other natural ingredients such as garlic, gugulipid & oat bran fiber- all of which are known to promote cardiovascular health. When combined together, this specific formula helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels, lowering high blood pressure, preventing accumulation of cholesterol in arteries and thereby reducing the risk of various heart diseases such as coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, heart attacks etc.

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Guggul, derived from Commiphoramukul or Indian Myrrh tree has been used in Indian Traditional Medicine or Ayurveda for centuries. Traditionally, it has been used for treating various ailments such as urinary problems, sinusitis, intestinal worms, sores and ulcers etc. Only in recent years, science has identified the health benefits of this extraordinary ingredient. Several clinical studies boasts the positive effects of Guggul herb on heart and blood vessels. Guggul produces a sap known as gum guggul. The extract of this sap, known to scientists as “guggulipid”,  is thought responsible for lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Studies have demonstrated that the active component of guggul increases metabolism of fat cells, induces natural cellular death of fat cells and inhibits formation of new fat cells.

Garlic contains antioxidants that have the ability to fight free radicals that are responsible for causing degenerative changes in blood vessels and heart. It also has cardio-protective properties that maintain healthy blood flow and lower blood cholesterol levels.

Many studies have proven the beneficial effects of heart-friendly oats. Loaded with lots of soluble fiber, oat-bran is proven to improve overall cardiovascular health. Other nutrients like vitamin B and C present in Swanson Cholesterol Complex,  promote healthy functioning of digestive and immune system.

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    Made in the USA

    Condition Cholesterol Essentials

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