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Dandelion Root Zoom

Swanson Dandelion Root

Code: SW1336

Quantity of Capsules: 60

Dosage: 515mg

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Swanson Premium Dandelion Root (515 mg)

'Digesting cheese and milk products were always difficult for me until I started this herbal product from Swanson. Now, I can eat all my favourite pasta dishes and cheeses without stomach upsets and other embarassing symptoms'- Product review by Bobby Neo, Kuala Lumpur

Product Description:

Looking for a natural way to detox your body? - Try Swanson Premium Dandelion root and help rid all the toxins built up in your body. Swanson Premium Dandelion is a great digestive support remedy that encourages healthy digestion and prevents various digestive ailments. It is a great herbal remedy for cleansing your liver and gall bladder.

Digestive support
-  Liver detoxifier
-  Effective for chronic ailments like diabetes
-  Anti-inflammatory, helps sufferers from arthritis and gout
-  Water retention, natural diuretic

 Learn More:

To gardeners, the dandelion is a bothersome weed. But anyone who knows about herbs will tell you about the wonderful benefits of this herbal remedy. Due to it's "bitter" biologically active ingredients, Dandelion root has been used for centuries for many different medicinal purposes. Whether you eat the leaves, brew a tea or use the roots, this weed offers a bevy of benefits.

Also known as herbal liver tonic, dandelion detoxifies and nourishes the liver. It facilitates healthy digestion, and promotes better absorption of nutrients. It also acts as blood purifier thus destroying acid in the blood.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, dandelion root is useful in alleviating symptoms of inflammatory conditions, like arthritis and gout. Clinical studies have shown that the herb contains diuretic properties that increase the urine output from the kidney. This in turn flushes out all the toxins from the body. Dandelion is loaded with wide range of nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin B complex, calcium, copper, iron, maganese, potassium and copper. All these trace minerals are extremely important for bio-cellular functioning. Because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, dandelion root is useful in reducing the risk of various chronic ailments.


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    Swanson Dandelion Root

    Made in the USA

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