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Swanson Schizandra Berries

Code: SW1347

Quantity of Capsules: 90

Dosage: 525 mg

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Swanson Premium Full Spectrum Schizandra Berries

"Juggling time between office and family was really becoming stressful and had started taking a toll on me physically. Taking Swanson Schizandra Berries supplement daily has really helped me a lot. I  have become much more relaxed and calm, and started enjoying life again. Plus physically I feel much better, I get fewer headaches nowadays, and fall sick less often. '- Ashima, Singapore

Product Description:

Looking for a natural way to de-stress yourself? Try Swanson Premium Schizandra Berries to combat daily stress and keep yourself relaxed. One of the top herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Schizandra Berries is a herbal remedy used to maintain vitality, health and wellness. It is a vital tonic for liver, lungs and kidney related conditions. Each capsule of Swanson Schizandra Berries provide you with 525 mg of pure berries.

- Herbal tonic for liver and kidneys
- Natural Stress-buster
- Energy booster and endurance enhancer
- Boosts immune system and improves general well-being


Learn More:

Schizandra berries have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine as performance enhancers. This is due to the active ingredients found in Schizandra berries, that includes lignans, vitamins and phyto-nutrients. Schizandra is an "adaptogen", which means it helps boost strengthen and stabilise your physiological processes, thereby increasing immunity to stress-related physical illnesses,  and enhancing endurance, performance and concentration.

The herb has strengthening effects on conditions, such as nervous exhaustion, fatigue and lack of energy. It works at biocellular level to promote healthy functioning of all organs.

Due to its antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-depressant properties, this herb is used to treat many conditions including digestive ailments, liver complaints, increased cholesterol and blood pressure levels, depression or anxiety, kidney problems, eye fatigue, low stamina and weakness, and imbalance in sugar levels.

 As the health benefits of Schizandra (sometimes spelt "Schisandra") are observed in each and every organ, it is known as a whole body tonic. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is a premier tonic for balancing energy force within the body. It assists the detoxification process, thus help in getting rid of harmful wastes from the body. It is known as a great liver and blood cleansing aid.

Schizandra berries are also used in improving male reproductive health. It increases the production of semen, enhances endurance and relieves sexual fatigue. 


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