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Swanson Swanson Aquamin Sea Minerals

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Customer review

'I personally feel that this product is by far the best from Swanson. It combines over 70 trace elements in the most natural, purest form, extracted from seaweed from the Icelandic Sea. It really couldn’t be more pure, organic or complete” Product review by Yogi, Singapore

Product Description

Aquamin is a multi-mineral complex, which is a unique blend of bioactive magnesium, calcium and 70 other types of trace minerals. Swanson Aquamin is naturally derived from 100% seaweed (red algae) off the Irish coast, where it incredebly filter and stores the trace minerals from the seas and hence provides unique range of minerals from the nature. Not only it gives you the nourishing essences, but also giving you these minerals at the perfect ratios for optimized health benefits.

Other important and key features include:

- Contains 72 different trace minerals and elements
- Can help with inflammation related to Osteoarthritis
- Improves bone health and enhances immune function
- Rich source of organic calcium

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Looking for the ultimate health booster? Try this amazing Swanson Aquamin Sea Minerals concentrate, providing numerous trace minerals, including Selenium, Boron, Sodium, Copper, Iodine, Zinc, Nickel, Iron, Phosphorous, Fluoride, Cobalt etc.

Studies have proven the health benefits of sea minerals, especially in improving bone health and enhancing immune function. Based on these 72 essential minerals, Aquamin is an extraordinary source of nutrients missing in today's modern diet.

Also known as nature's true wonder foods, the seaweed stores calcium within specialised cells, which means that it provides pure, organic and highly bioavailable form of calcium. Aquamin naturally combines calcium and  magnesium with other trace minerals that are essential  for healthy bone growth and development. These minerals work synergistically and boost the action of each other.

Unlike other sources of minerals, Aquamin is derived completely from seaweeds, which absorb trace minerals from sea water. Being a plant,  Aquamin has a unique honeycombed vegetative cell structure, which gives it several advantages, ranging from its chemical behavior to its absorption of trace minerals. Being a marine source of minerals, the number of trace minerals found in marine vegetation is far more than that found in land vegetation. Due to its soft honeycomb structure, the mineral rich Aquamin is free of hard calcium, which makes it easy to digest and absorb by the human body. Despite being rich in various kinds of minerals, Aquamin is low in sodium chloride (salt).

Product Description


    Made in the USA

    Aquamin Sea Minerals

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