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Swanson Rhodiola Ashwagandha Ginseng Complex

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‘The unique blend of this Swanson supplement keeps me physically and mentally active throughout the day.’- product review by Natasha Sule, Singapore

 Product Description-

Swanson offers a unique blend of nine potent herbs that work synergistically to provide several health benefits. It combines various adaptogenic herbs that help in fighting day-to-day stress. These herbs act as natural stress-busters, and promote physical as well as mental wellness. Adaptogenic herbs are substances that help the body to restore itself to health. This powerful blend supports different organs and promotes healthy functioning of the body. The vital contents of Swanson Rhodiola Ashwagandha Ginseng Complex include Rhodiola, astragalus, ginseng, suma root and many more.



Product Description


    Made in the USA

    Rhodiola Ashwagandha Ginseng Comp

    Swanson Health Products was established in 1969, and is now America's 5th largest supplement company. With over 500 employees, it is regarded even by its competitors as being at the forefront of health supplement research and development. Swanson manufactures exclusively in the USA for many of the famous brand names sold all over the world, as well as under its own label. We are proud to be the first to bring Swanson's superior quality products to Singapore
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    Each of the herbs in this exclusive Swanson formula has its own unique benefit on the body. The combined properties of RHODIOLA ASHWAGANDHA GINSENG COMPLEX make this a must-have supplement for Singapore's hectic lifestyle.

    Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for its many health benefits. Due to its ability to lower cortisol levels, this herb is effective in combating stress levels. Ashwangandha is known as the ‘strength of the stallion’. It promotes the healthy functioning of thyroid gland and may help people with both hypo- and hyper-thyroid issues.

    Studies have found that ashwagandha plays a vital role in improving the functions of the nervous system. The antioxidants present in this potent herb prevent the oxidation of brain cells, thereby reducing the degenerative effects.

     Ginseng Known as the ‘divine herb’, ginseng is a powerful herb that strengthens the overall health. The main role of ginseng is in enhancing mental acuity and physical vitality. It is taken as a tonic to enhance energy and endurance, reduce fatigue and effects of stress and promote wellness. Ginseng is touted as one of the most promising supplements  as it supports joint health, while increasing mental and physical ability.

    Rhodiola or golden root is again a mental enhancer that improves mood levels and fights depression. It also improves performance and enhances endurance by increasing better flow of oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissues.

    Astragalus is an immune boosting herb that strengthens the body against viral infections of the respiratory tract and heart. It lowers acidity and promotes healthy digestion. This herb is useful in people suffering from chronic indigestion and stomach ulcers. According to studies, it also has role in promoting your cardiac function.

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