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Swanson Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotics (Note: please refrigerate when possible) Zoom

Swanson Swanson Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotics (Note: please refrigerate when possible)

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Customer reviews

"I'm an occasional IBS sufferer with lots of wind... I used to buy the very expensive multi-strain probiotics from G*C. My friend asked me to try this, and despite my skepticism, not only are they as effective as the G*C ones, I find they are even better. No smelly farts. No bloating. No constipation or diarrhea, just healthy normal stools. And these are like one fifth of the price. I'm sold! Only Swanson for me from now on! Can't believe how much money I wasted in the past. Doh!" ~product review by Frankie Ng, Singapore 

Product Description

While many popular supplements provide only two species of bifidobacteria, Dr. Langer's formula delivers five. And while others have only one strain of lactobacillus, Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotic features ten, including Lactobacillus reuteri, which was recently added to improve the formula because of the unique protective abilities it offers for colon health and immune system function. In total, Swanson's unique formula has 16 species of essential bacteria to better promote your gut health.

Other important and key features of probiotics include:

- More than 4 times the strains and over twice the CFUs compared to popular probiotics
- New formula now features newly discovered Lactobacillus reuteri
- Delivered in DR (Designed Release) veggie capsules to deliver the probiotics safely to your small intestine

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Your gut depends on active colonies of good bacteria in the stomach and intestines to digest food.  There are many different species of bacteria in your system, each of which help digest different types of food eg carbohydrates, proteins, oils etc. The most well known of these is Lactobacillus Acidophilus, which many of us will know from drinks such as Yakult. However, the more varieties of different digestive bacteria species there are in your system, the stronger your body's "eco-system" will become.

To ensure the good bacteria have the best environment in which to multiply, the formula also includes the probiotic FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides) and ConcenTrace® trace minerals, which you won't find in any off the shelf product. Probiotics and trace minerals are important because most of us are lacking them in our diets, but they're absolutely vital to the enzymatic processes necessary for healthy digestion and the maintenance of beneficial bacteria. ConcenTrace® contains over 70 different trace elements that are essential for a healthy gastro intestinal system, but not easily available from our normal diet.

What is a CFU? It stands for "colony forming units", a convenient way of measuring the potential number of live good bacteria in the capsule.Some brands claim very high numbers, but remember, its about quality and viability, not quantity. If the conditions are right, bacteria reproduce every twenty minutes. A million bacteria will become a billion in just four hours!

Don't be fooled by mass market products that over promise and under deliver—products that also cost much more than they should. With this state of the art formula you'll feel the difference in as little as a week. It's the ultimate probiotic at a truly affordable price.

Product Description


    Made in the USA

    Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotics

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