KAL L-Carnosine 30 Tablets 500mg

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KAL L-Carnosine 30 Tablets 500mg

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'After reading about L-carnosine, I was fascinated. The scientific evidence to support it's anti-ageing potential is enormous. Most of all, it's proven to reduce the harmful effects of diabetes and cholesterol. This Swanson product is very reasonably priced compared to all the other brands'- by David

Benefits of L-Carnosine:

- Promotes healthy aging
- Supports healthy functioning of brain, heart and muscles
- Antioxidant with the unique ability to boost the lifespan and "youthfulness" of cells 
- Counteracts diabetic complications that result from damage caused by excess glucose 

Product Description:

KAL offers you an effective product for healthy aging. This naturally occurring compound is critical for the healthy functioning of muscles and brain. L-Carnosine is a nutrient complex which comprises of two vital amino acids - histidine and beta-alanine. These two amino acids combine provide a unique array of health benefits. 

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Nutritional and health experts are touting l-carnosine as an anti-aging supplement due to its potent anti-oxidant traits. Over the last few years, several clinical studies have been done to find out the anti aging benefits of carnosine. It has been confirmed that this vital nutrient prevents oxidation of healthy cells, promotes cellular rejuvenation and reduces the effects of aging process.

Carnosine is a dipeptide naturally found in our body. It is concentrated in muscle cells and brain, and is required for the healthy functioning of vital organs. This natural antioxidant and glycation fighting nutrient is abundant in young age, and starts declining as we age.

 Due to the presence of antioxidant qualities, the free radical damage of the healthy cells is reduced. Free radicals are chemicals that cause oxidative stress of healthy cells. Antioxidants neutralize the effects of these harmful radicals. This in turn, reduces the risk of health problems, such as skin damage, cancer, heart diseases and Alzheimers disease.

Carnosine helps reduce glycation. Glycation is the irreversible, harmful process where proteins bond with sugar molecules and lead to the formation of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). Glycation “hardens the body” and accelerates aging and has been implicated in retinal problems, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and dozens of other chronic diseases. Carnosine competes with proteins for the binding sites they would otherwise occupy on sugar molecules.

Another important benefit of carnosine is in cell rejuvenation. Carnosine has the remarkable ability to actually rejuvenate cells approaching senescence. Hence, it lengthens the process of cell division, and extends the normal life span of the cells.

Carnosine is an effective remedy for wound healing. It has natural healing properties that rejuvenate connective tissues and hastens the process of healing. Carnosine has an effective role in protecting the microvascular tissues in the brain. The antioxidants prevent oxidative damage and plaque formation that may lead to senility and other brain conditions.

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