Piping Rock Taurine 500mg 120 Capsules

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Piping Rock Taurine 500mg 120 Capsules

'I wanted something that maximizes the effects of my rigorous workout sessions in the gym. Regular intake of Taurine improved my stamina and strength so that I can carry out my gym activities without getting tired. Mainly recommended for those who want an edge in the gym'. Product Review by Bob S-Singapore


Benefits of Taurine:

- Prepared from natural raw ingredients using enzymatic processes 

- Maintains electrolyte balance

- Improves endurance and strength

- Improves cardiac and liver function


Product Description: 

Taurine helps bodybuilders and athletes improve their endurance and strength. With its cardiovascular benefits, it is an amazing product for athletes. It also plays an important role in maintaining balance of electrolytes. It is manufactured using natural raw ingredients that are fermented over a period of time.

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Taurine is a natural amino acid found in skeletal muscles, white blood cells, and heart muscles. It is one of the common ingredient of sports nutrition supplements.

This semi-essential amino acid is used by athletes and bodybuilders due to its ability to improve blood and nutrient flow to the damaged or worn out muscle cells during the exercise. Regular intake of taurine supplements is associated with reduced fatigue and improved strength. It improves endurance by improving the lactic acid content in the muscles. This in turn prevents excessive soreness and fatigue of muscles during the workouts. It promotes aerobic exercise capacity and hastens the process of recovery.

 Studies have shown the beneficial effects of taurine in improving cardiovascular health. It improves cardiac function, particularly in individuals who are suffering from symptoms such as irregular heartbeats. It also strengthens the heart muscles, and promotes healthy functioning of heart.

Taurine has been found to improve digestive health, especially liver function. It plays a role in bile salt formation and liver detoxification. Therefore, studies have found that taurine supplements can be useful in treating cirrhosis of liver.


Piping Rock Taurine 500mg 120 Capsules

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