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Selenium Glycinate Chelated - 200 mcg Zoom

Swanson Selenium Glycinate Chelated - 200 mcg

Code: SWU067

Quantity of Capsules: 90

Dosage: 200 mcg

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 Customer review

 This product is incredibly awesome yet highly affordable. I used it mainly for my thyroid problem which was diagnosed by doctor few years ago. I took this on daily basis and I must say, my body really loves it. – Kelly Goh, Yishun, Singapore


Product Description

Selenium Glycinate Chelated has superior bioavailability as compared to normal selenium supplements, as this product delivers selenium that is chelated (combined) with glycine amino acid, and hence, effectively enhances the absorption of selenium by the body.

 - Support thyroid health 

- Boost overall immune system

- Reduce bodily inflammation

- Great source of antioxidant


Learn more:

 Selenium is a potent antioxidant that helps to scavenge free radicals in the body, and hence, effectively combat against free radicals damages in the thyroid gland. Such antioxidant defense is particularly critical to maintain thyroid function as free radicals are generated during thyroid hormone synthesis, hence selenium is essential to achieve optimal metabolism of thyroid hormones. In a nutshell, maintaining the health of thyroid gland is essentially important as it is the master gland for overall bodily metabolism.


Studies have shown that impaired selenium status drastically impact the conversion of T4 (inactive thyroid hormone) into T3 (active thyroid hormone that is responsible to maintain proper bodily functions). And hence, this selenium glycinate chelated supplement ensures optimal absorption by the body so as to provide adequate nourishment for proper functioning.

In addition, selenium supplementation is useful for people with autoimmune thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease where specialized antibodies attack its own thyroid’s cells. Clinical studies demonstrated improved overall well-being by modulating the specialized antibodies.  


Selenium also effectively helps to modulate overall immune system which is particularly important for elderly in maintaining proper immune responses. Not only that, selenium supplementation helps to reduce bodily inflammation as chronic inflammation is associated with most of the chronic diseases

Product Description


    Selenium Glycinate Chelated - 200 mcg

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