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Anti-Gas Enzymes 123 mg Zoom

Swanson Anti-Gas Enzymes 123 mg

Code: SWU527

Quantity of Capsules: 90

Dosage: 123 mg

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Pill Type: Veggie Capsules

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Product Description


     Product Details

    • Swanson Ultra Anti-Gas Enzyme helps you avoid embarrassing situations

    • Made from gas-stopping ingredients

    • Use 10-15 minutes before meals

    Introducing the answer to mild, occasional gas and bloating caused by everyday foods you love to eat. Swanson Anti-Gas Enzyme is a unique blend of gas-stopping ingredients designed to aid in the digestion of flatulence- producing complex sugars found in grains, legumes and vegetables. The secret is an exclusive enzyme known as invertase (Beta Fructofuranosides). When combined with other common digestive enzymes like protease, amylase and cellulase, invertase breaks through the chemical bonds that make complex carbohydrates difficult to digest. By turning complex carbs into simple sugars the body can easily break down, Anti-Gas Enzyme helps eliminate the discomfort and embarrassment of digestive distress. With Swanson Ultra Anti-Gas Enzyme, your favorite lentil soup never tasted so good!


    Anti-Gas Enzymes 123 mg

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    Customer review
    “Some days I’m on healthier diet regimen, so I’ll eat mainly salad. In the past, i always have indigestion especially when I eat beans. But this product really helps to prevent bloating and gas, and I won’t have to be so worried I might embarrass myself in the public anymore.” Chow, Singapore

    Product Description
    This product provides comprehensive combinations of all gas-stopping ingredients which focus to solve the problems of indigestion-related issues. Anti-Gas Enzymes help to improve digestion and hence, reduces gas and bloating issues.
    • Reduces gas and bloating
    • Helps to relieve indigestion

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    As Anti-Gas Enzymes provide useful ingredients, such as Beta Fructofuranosides (invertase) along with other digestive enzymes which include protease, cellulose and amylase. All these help in digestion of complex sugars which are responsible for the flatulence production. It does so by enhancing the food from breaking down, hence effectively helps to relieve discomfort and flatulence production associated with indigestion. Also, this can be part of the daily regimen to achieve healthy digestive system, as the ability of the body to synthesize digestive enzymes decreases with increasing age, and hence, Anti-Gas Enzymes could be beneficial to support optimal digestive health.

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