The Fountain Of Youth In The Form Of Pycnogenol

A new way to uncover the secrets to remaining youthful. Out with aesthetic procedures, which can be costly and possibly leave you with unwanted side-effects, and in with Pycnogenol. Also known as French Maritime Pine Bark, this might just be the world's best kept secret in the fight against ageing. Pycnogenol is a natural plant extract that contains procyanidina, bioflavonoids combined with other molecules that act to prevent your skin from ageing too quickly.

Appearance of wrinkles, decrease of skin elasticity and collagen destruction are just some of the signs of ageing. Not just externally, we also age internally as well. Just by slowing down the factors that cause skin ageing, we can help slow down total body ageing. The same factors work to age us from the inside and the outside. These are oxidant stress, inflammation, damage to DNA, glycation, and cell membrane damage.

Findings from a study by the Leibenz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine in Dusseldorf, Germany, (IUF) found that Pycnogenol improved several parameters of skin aging. Researchers assessed skin hydration, skin elasticity and skin fatigue using non-invasive biophysical methods. They also assessed gene expression of HAS-1, COL1A1 (related to hyaluronic acid) and COL1A2 (related to collagen).

Results showed that Pycnogenol intervention increased COL1A1 by 29 percent, COL1A2 by 41 percent and hyaluronic acid production by 44 percent. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for storing large quantities of water in the skin and in other tissues, such as the cartilage. Therefore, the higher percentage of hyaluronic acid explains the increased skin hydration, higher elasticity and overall smoother skin appearance found in women taking Pycnogenol. Skin elasticity improved by 25 percent, while decreasing skin fatigue significantly. Pycnogenol reduced skin wrinkles by three percent, but increased skin smoothness by six percent. It is arguably the only natural supplement to date that stimulates hyaluronic acid production.

Further studies showed that Pycnogenol blocked UV light's damaging effects thereby preventing the inflammation and protein loss that leads to wrinkling. It does so by protecting vital skin proteins from degeneration, while increasing its natural production.

The benefits of this supplement doesn't just stop there. It works to improve the condition of melasma which is usually seen on the face due to exposure to the sun. The uneven pigmentation is stabilised, leaving the skin looking more well-toned as the pigmentation got lighter.

The benefits of Pycnogenol are far-reaching, and works to battle ageing both internally and externally. Supplementing with Pycnogenol is essential to optimise your defense against premature ageing.

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