In today’s day and age, most of us are over-worked or buried under some form of responsibility. This often amounts to people experiencing “extreme stress”. Be it money, work, relationships, there is never short of a reason that stresses an individual. A certain amount of stress could actually be beneficial as it helps to sharpen thinking and heighten physical response in situations where performance counts, such as business meetings or competitions.

However, when individuals are constantly under stress, the body gets marked out of balance and our delicate framework starts to malfunction. Stress has been found to play a role in many diseases from asthma, depression, migraines to heart attacks, diabetes and cancer. Stress can affect just about anyone, from children to adults. Children exposed to extreme emotional stressors may face a lifetime of consequences. A study conducted by Duke University showed that twins aged 5 to 10 who were bullied in school or who watched their mothers become victims of domestic violence showed signs of premature aging in their cells which is a risk factor for many diseases in adulthood.

Here, we have collated simple stress relief tips that could help lower your stress level and other health risks.

1. Breathe deeply. Breathing deeply can help calm the physiologic stress response. You can do it just about anywhere, whether it is at your desk at work or when taking a stroll. Relax your shoulders and calm the muscles in your body.
2. Focus on the moment. Stress usually accumulates when you think about the past or the future. You get anxious on what to do next or regret something you have already done. Try focusing on what you are doing right now to get some stress relief.
3. Reframe the situation. Getting worked up in a frustrating situation is a natural reaction but it’s one that is of no help to you. Rather than getting angry, look at it from a different perspective. Work around the situation to place it in your favour.
4. Keep your problems in perspective. The next time you are feeling stressed, think about the things for which you are grateful for. You need to count your blessings and remind yourself about the good things you have in your life. It can be an effective method for stress relief.

It is important to help your body function at its optimum level. Eating regular and balanced meals, getting sufficient sleep and exercising help to boost your mood and lower stress. Additionally, supplements such as Gaba, Melatonin and Valerian could help provide support to your lifestyle and alleviate unnecessary stress. Practicing these useful techniques could take a little time but the payoff in your short-term and long-term health could be a great one.