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Where to buy health supplements in Singapore? Vitadeals.Sg!


Your gateway to a healthier you through our health supplements

Vitadeals is designed to be your one stop shop when looking for health supplements online in Singapore.

With our focus on delivering "value for money" health supplements, we are rapidly expanding with the aim of providing a huge variety of products for the benefit of our customers.

As an online supplement store, we are able to keep our products reasonably priced, thus making us the cheapest vitamin and supplement store in Singapore. By dealing directly with you, we are able to cut out the middleman. Additionally, as a result of bulk-buying from the manufacturers in US, we are able to negotiate the best prices, and pass the savings on to you, our customers.

We never compromise on quality and ensure that all the brands we carry are genuine and authentic. Every product has met strict US federal standards and regulations and as such you can put your outmost trust in the Swanson brand.

All products shipped are rigourously tested and checked before dispatching. Tamper-proof seals further assure that you are receiving the products in perfect condition. If you do however find the seals to have been in any way damaged , do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

And just because our online store has the cheapest supplements in Singapore, it doesn't mean we have compromised on quality! Our prices are low because we keep our overheads to the minimum.

Delivery can be made at your convenience - be it to your home or your office. All it takes is two working days! We accept returns if you realise you have made a wrong purchase. This is subject to the seals being intact, and within one week of purchase.

We welcome your feedback. If you are looking for a particular health or beauty supplement and require our assistance, feel free to contact us via our chat system, email or simply give us a call during our office hours. We are constantly on the lookout for more products that may be of value to our customers. Sign up for our free membership to enjoy additional benefits and be updated on the latest deals and products.

Our team wishes you the best of health and hope you have a pleasant time shopping with us!