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L-Carnitine 100 Veggie Tablets Zoom

Swanson L-Carnitine 100 Veggie Tablets

Code: SW1001

Quantity of Capsules: 100

Dosage: 500 mg

S$38.90 S$26.90

Availability: In stock

Pill Type: Veggie Tablets

Stock Location: D15

Product Description


    • May help convert fat into energy

    • Promotes lean muscle development and fat loss

    • Supports exercise recovery

    Unlock your potential for a lean, muscular body with Swanson Premium L-Carnitine! A favorite among dieters and bodybuilders, this amazing amino acid helps the body burn fat to energize muscles for effective, productive workouts.

    Made in the USA


    Swanson Health Products was established in 1969, and is now America's 5th largest supplement company. With over 500 employees, it is regarded even by its competitors as being at the forefront of health supplement research and development. Swanson manufactures exclusively in the USA for many of the famous brand names sold all over the world, as well as under its own label. We are proud to be the first to bring Swanson's superior quality products to Singapore
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    L-Carnitine is a nutrient derived from amino acids lysine and methionine. L-Carnitine is not considered as an essential dietary supplement as it is naturally synthesized in our bodies. The body produces carnitine in liver and kidneys but it gets stored in skeletal muscles, brain, heart and other tissues. However, its production in the body may not be enough to meet increased energy demands of athletes or body builders and hence it is termed as conditionally essential nutrient.


     L-carnitine’s primary role in the body is to help in transport of fat to the mitochondria of cells, where it can be oxidized and used as fuel. In other words, L-carnitine helps the body in converting fatty acids in to energy that is used for muscular and all other activities in the body. Studies show that this is very effective during intense workout and it helps in meeting the energy need of the body during the exercise and even while resting. When coupled with exercise, L-carnitine can be effective in weight loss as well as it helps in burning fat for release of energy.


    Apart from its fat transport function, L-carnitine also enhances the insulin’s action on the muscle cells. This means that L-carnitine can help keep blood glucose levels under check, even after consuming a carb-rich meal. This is one of the reasons that L-carnitine is also recommended as a part of the post work out meal.

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