PR Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract 600mg (Yun-Zhi, 云芝)

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Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract

"Ever since I started reading about Turkey Tail Mushrooms, I've made a point to take it when my immune system feels low. After all, there are so many scary bugs going around. Whenever I feel that I might be getting an infection, i double up on this. Better to be safe than sorry! KC, Singapore


- Boosts immune response

- Rich in powerful antioxidants to help prevent chronic disease

- A natural antiviral and antibiotic

- Standardised to 30% polysaccharopeptides for guaranteed potency


 “Turkey Tail” mushroom (Yun-Zhi, 云芝)  is a humble mushroom that grows on rotting logs forests and jungles all over the world. It is so called because its shape and colourful pattern resemble the tail of the large North American bird that we in Singapore know mostly from supermarkets at Christmas time.

Strengthen your body's defenses at the most fundamental level with the protective power of Turkey Tail Mushroom.Traditional Chinese and Japanese herbalists have treasured Turkey Tail Mushroom as a powerful tonic for the immune system and healthy liver function. Modern science has revealed that Turkey Tail Mushroom features polysaccharide compounds that support the body's cellular level defenses.


For example, turkey tail mushrooms are high in antioxidants like phenols. Antioxidants reduce or inhibit cellular damage caused by oxidative stress, a condition caused by an imbalance between antioxidants and reactive molecules called free radical molecules.

And turkey tails don’t just have high levels of antioxidants — they seem to have numerous different kinds. In fact, one scientific study found that turkey tail mushrooms have 35 different phenolic compounds.


They also contain polysaccharopeptides, including krestin (PSK) and polysaccharide peptide (PSP), which may help boost your body’s immune system. As you’ll see, that’s one reason so many people are interested in this mushroom’s potential role in fighting cancer.

Our Turkey Tail Mushroom extract is guaranteed to 30% polysaccharide concentration for guaranteed potency in each capsule.

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