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Swanson Fish Collagen 400 mg Zoom

Swanson Swanson Fish Collagen 400 mg

Code: SWU1034

Quantity of Capsules: 60

Dosage: 400 mg

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Product Review:

'This collagen supplement is the perfect supplement to keep my skin and hair healthy. I can really feel the positive effect on my skin as well as overall health'- by Roshidah, Singapore

Product description:

Now you can unlock the health and beauty benefits of  collagen with this Swanson Fish collagen supplement. Extracted from 100 percent cold water tilapia fish, this amazing supplement promotes healthy growth of hair, nails and skin, and helps reduce the signs of aging.

During the youthful years of life, the body discards old collagen and replaces the same with new collagen. However, after age 25 years or so, the production of new collagen in the body keeps on reducing. The lack of new collagen in the body leads to fine lines or wrinkles on the skin. It may also cause arthritis or joint related problems. Collagen supplements in form of creams, injections or capsules tend to replenish the collagen levels in the body, thus reduce the signs of aging.

Collagen is not easily absorbed through the skin, so it is much more effective to take it as a supplement, rather than apply as a cream.

Earlier supplements were usually made from  animal collagen, which had many side-effects and was difficult to digest. However, now the fish collagen is widely used in the beauty supplements industry as it is easily absorbed by the body,  and is non-toxic in nature.

Unlike other collagen supplements that are type 2 collagen, Swanson Fish collagen provides you Type 1 hydrolyzed fish collagen. Type 1 collagen plays a vital role in renewal of skin cells, tendons and arteries. Our fish collagen is easily absorbable, so that you get maximum benefit from each capsule.

Fish collagen also promotes tendon and artery health, and nourishes joints and bones.

Fish collagen is a protein that is extracted from fish skin or scales and is primarily used as an ingredient in cosmetics to prevent signs of skin aging, especially wrinkles. Collagen forms nearly 30 percent of the protein in human body and is primarily found in skin, bones, joints, teeth, blood vessels and tendons. In skin, collagen forms nearly 70 percent of the protein. Collagen is what makes the skin elastic, and cushions the joints.

Product Description


    Product Details
    • High-Purity Type 1 Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen

    • Targets skin, tendon and artery health*

    • Sourced from tilapia 

    Collagen is a foundational supplement for hair, skin and nail health, bone nourishment and joint support.* But not all collagen is created equal. Did you know that scientists have identified 28 different types of collagen? Most supplements supply collagen type 2, the primary form found in cartilage, but collagen type 1 is actually the predominant form found throughout the body in tissues that make up the skin, tendons, arteries and more. Swanson Ultra Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen, sourced from tilapia, supplies high-purity collagen type 1 prepared for rapid assimilation in bodily tissues.

    Made in the USA


    Fish Collagen

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