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Whey & Colostrum

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Biochem Undenatured Whey Protein is intended not for bodybuilders but for those who wish to boost their Glutathione levels and fight chronic disease.

New studies show whey to be a powerful cancer inhibitor, which makes it both a preventive agent and a supplement that profoundly affects the growth rate of cancerous cells. Interestingly, whey protein has the ability to temper free radical bioactivity of cancer cells – as proven by its ability to behave like a chemotherapy agent.

If you want to make your body an “unfriendly” environment for cancer cells to grow – then you may want to consider adding whey protein into your diet. Just be sure the source of your whey protein is undenatured (not heat treated) and from grass-fed hormone-free cows and don’t eat any (unwanted) milk by-products or food additives.

Protein designed to support a healthy immune system

Lactoferrin, is an immune-boosting protein found in vast quantities in whey protein. Lactoferrin is a scavenger of iron before it has a chance to become oxidized. According to A.S. Naidu, author of “Lactoferrin: Natural, Multifunctional. Antimicrobial”, pathogenic bacteria and fungi feed on oxidized iron, so limiting its levels has a decidedly antifungal effect.

Cancer cells need more iron than normal cells to sustain their abnormally rapid growth. By binding iron, it reduces the chances of the formation of free-radicals, prevents cell damage and can stop cancer from taking hold.

One of the most convenient ways to get a more concentrated form of lactoferrin is by consuming whey protein. Even though lactoferrin can be found in milk – you would have to consume more than would be feasible on a daily basis.

Science is learning how to stop cancer cell growth – naturally

A clinical study with cancer patients showed a regression of patient’s tumors when given whey protein at concentration levels of 30 grams per day. It is a well known fact that rapid glutathione synthesis in tumor cells is associated with high rates of cellular proliferation and depletion of tumor glutathione inhibits cancer growth.

Whey protein is a compound, which can selectively deplete the cancer cells of glutathione, while increasing or maintaining the levels of glutathione in healthy cells.

This is exciting news – in the world of natural medicine and cancer prevention.

One of the best whole food supplements to maximize glutathione levels is whey protein powder from grass fed cows. Good quality whey protein provides all the key amino acids for glutathione production including cysteine, glycine, and glutamate, while supplying a unique cysteine residue (glutamylcysteine) which is highly bioactive in its affinity for converting to glutathione.

Glutathione occurs in the highest levels in fresh, uncooked meats and raw milk, but is just about absent in pasteurized dairy. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a reliable source of glutathione, but once they are cooked the amounts are negligible.