1:1 Certified Nutritionist Tele-Consult (30 / 60 Minutes)

$45.00 $100.00
$45.00 $100.00you save $55.00

Need more guidance on what supplements, diet or lifestyle changes you need to take to help you with your current pains and discomforts? We hear you! 

Why not have a personal 1:1 chat with our favourite certified, award winning nutritionist Teresa Pena?

Having advised and helped hundreds of clients in Singapore with a whole range of health / wellness challenges, noone is more perfect to learn from with regards to crafting a personalised plan for a Singapore lifestyle!

Each of us is built unique and different, thus we should never rely on overly generic information and start looking at solving our unique issues, our way. 

With our partnership, you can now access an award winning & super friendly nutritionist at 50% OFF public rates!

What's included - 

  • 1:1 tele-consult (30 or 60 minutes)
  • Clearing your long time questions on your health gaps / issues
  • Providing potential nutrition / supplement / lifestyle guidance that best helps your situation
  • Customising ways to fit into your specific lifestyle / habits / preferences

NOTE : Please note and respect the time limit for each session as we understand that topics like do take more time than expected to cover. Do take this into consideration and book a longer time-slot if you expect to cover more questions.

Who is this for?

It's for anyone who is looking for a natural, nutritional and supplement based way to help improve your health and wellness. If you're -

  • Facing digestion issues (indigestion, bloating, gassiness etc)
  • Looking to lose / control weight
  • Experiencing auto-immune based challenges (ezcema etc)
  • Going through womens' related issues (Pregnancy, PMS, hormonal, etc)
  • Facing Mens' related health challenges
  • Or other health and wellness gaps or goals.

How does it work? 

Once the order is placed, we will follow up with an email to schedule a call via a calendar link. Once scheduled - a calendar invite will be sent to your email and please show up on the call during that time.

How are we taking the call?

This is a Tele-consult. It can happen 2 two ways -

  1. Over Zoom (recommended as more information can be shared)
  2. Over Whatsapp Call